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Rich & Alex Baker, Port Murray, New Jersey
"We just wanted to say thank you for a great experience on our first diving trip. My daughter, Alex, and I had a great time doing your passport scuba diving experience. We would like to recommend you to anyone diving in the West Palm Beach area. Your knowledge and personal service were greatly appreciated and your hands on approach to training made us feel very safe and confident on our first dive. Your knowledge of the area, aquatic life, and great personality made for a fantastic first experience. We would also like to thank the courteous and professional crew (Julie, Woody, Ann, Molly and Captain Bill) of our dive boat "The Wetter the Better". We will definitely be coming back for another round of diving and look forward to seeing you again."

Ralph V., Florida
"Let me first say that Pete, Darlene and myself thoroughly enjoyed our dives, and will return and refer... Diving was sensational and the lobsters delicious... My friends and I had such a great time with David we can't stop talking about him and the diving. My daughter and her boyfriend usually dive with us and can not wait to experience Palm Beach."

Howard H., Pennsylvania
"I had the opportunity to continue my diving education with Mr. Dave Ochs and Ayenne Applebaum of Aqua Safari Adventures. Both of these individuals also served me 6-months prior during my Scuba Diver course, and I could not have asked for anyone better then and during my recent visit and diving adventures. Dave and Ayenne taught me and assisted me through my Nitrox and Advanced diver classes. I could not have asked for two better instructors as I enjoyed their attention to detail, criticism and their time to dive with me. NAUI should be proud of Dave and Ayenne and their dedication to their jobs and for their clientele that continue to return to Aqua Safari Adventures."

Daniel Morgan , Chicago
"I have been diving since my wife and I first got certified for our honeymoon trip to Hawaii in 1987, and I have know Dave since 1989.  When my daughter and son were old enough, I wanted to make sure they obtained the proper training and skills so that they could dive wherever in the world their lives might take them.  We live in Chicago, so it made sense to schedule classroom and pool time up here then do the open water soon following, with someone I trust.My son has a issue with equalizing and had some difficulty on his initial decent.  It took an extended period for him to get down to depth, but Dave let him take his time, made him feel comfortable and got him down to complete his training.
To this day my son comments on how much he appreciates Dave doing that for him, and how no other instructor matches up to Dave's skill, personality and professionalism.  My daughter had wonderful things to say as well, but that would take up town more paragraphs."

Lynn A., New York
"I got really excited when my NAUI card came in the mail today! Thank you again for one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. We (Donna, John, Mark & I) did two dives in St. Thomas while on the cruise. It was spectacular - I had so much fun just diving with no major skills to perform! It made me realize why you had me perform all those skills over & over again! I felt very comfortable on both dives thanks to you guys."

Jim Bram, President National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
"I continue to receive letters from your students in regards to their classroom experiences. Quotes like, '...attention to detail' or '...instruction was excellent' are commonplace in letters I receive about your professionalism."

Eileen M., Maine
"David's training is outstanding. He was thorough and clear in his explanations and patient. I have scheduled additional dives for both my husband and my self for August 2005. I was impressed with the operation."

Andrea M., Arizona
"Dave was very professional and thorough. He took care of me and I never felt fearful or unsafe on any of the dives. I was so pleased with Dave's professionalism and expertise, and I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know."

Joe M., Ohio
"I was very pleased with the training I received from Dave for my Nitrox Certification. His teaching method and examples made learning the more technical math equations necessary for Nitrox diving easier. His hospitality was wonderful."

David C., Maryland
"Dave's mastery of the subject matter matched his unfettered enthusiasm for scuba diving lead to an educational and exciting experience that was second to none. Dave made the course very fun and informative. NAUI should be proud to have such an accomplished and proficient instructor."

Carla G., Florida
"My training experiences with Dave Ochs were wonderful. I can actually say that after this course, reading the book and teaching sessions I feel extremely knowledgeable as a certified Nitrox diver. Thank you for making such great instructors for your course and for certifying only the best instructors."

Christopher N., Virginia
"Dave maintained that his approach was to focus on the teaching the skills well until the student learned them, a statement any company or instructor would obviously pay lip services to, but Dave and Josh proved their dedication through action. By the time I got to the ocean, I was completely comfortable...because I was confident in my training."

Todd R., Florida
"Aqua Safari Adventures is a credit to the NAUI World Wide Organization. I would not hesitate to give my personal recommendation of Aqua Safari Adventures to any individual seeking to become a certified scuba diver."

Matthew W., Florida
"I received the information you sent out last night. I am really impressed with your graciousness. I have been on quite a few dive charters in quite a few countries and they have always been those dives that I have hated the most from the simple fact that the dive guides are never willing to offer more than the bare minimum of enthusiasm. I am very impressed and excited about diving aboard your charter"

Dr. Doug R., Michigan
"Now back in Michigan, I wanted to again reiterate my absolute satisfaction with your services from the ease and scheduling and comfort of diving to your kind words of friendship. Mike was super on Saturday and the six of us were like campers assembled together underwater like a school of fish - it was different.... I even did little things like point out the tiny shrimp hiding under the reef and eels to one of the women taking pictures."

Roger S., Pennsylvania
"...provided us with outstanding personal instruction."

Michael H., Wisconsin
"I am writing this letter to comment on my experience with Aqua Safari Adventures...The skills I acquired from the experience are invaluable...instruction was excellent...helpful in arranging dives at other Florida locations...contacts and knowledge in the trade showed great professionalism."

Kim L. and Steve S., California
"We would like to thank you for your impeccable services. You made our first diving experiences extremely fun and memorable."

Robin B., Georgia
"...orchestrated every aspect of the trip to perfection...emphasized safety first and was organized down to the smallest detail. I left my first diving experience absolutely loving diving..."

Amy H., West Virginia
"I plan to continue diving for the rest of my life and one of the primary reasons for my love of the sport is due to the positive experience that I had on my initial dives..."

Abigail L., New York
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about the wonderful experience I had with...Aqua Safari Adventures."

Judy H., New York
"Just wanted to thank you again for all your support and instruction. I had a blast!...hope to dive with you often."

Maryne R., Connecticut
"I was impressed by the quality of the classes and concern for safety."

Lee Ann W., Florida
"I am 14 years old and recently had the opportunity to become a certified diver through Aqua Safari Adventures with David Ochs. Even though the course was challenging, Dave made my certification experience fun and enjoyable."

Celeste W., Florida
"This summer I had the privilege of becoming a certified diver, under the instruction of Dave Ochs with Aqua Safari Adventures. Through Dave's professionalism, patience and natural gift of teaching the extensive skills that are required to become a NAUI diver were quickly accomplished."


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